Billy Weir

UK Based Drummer

Online Coaching

I’ll address the elephant in the room straight away. The coronavirus has been rendering teaching in person increasingly difficult with people having to isolate at short notice and a looming national lockdown. For this reason I have decided to move all of my teaching online for the time being.

Why “Coaching” and not “Teaching”?:
I prefer the term “coaching”, especially for online lessons as it suggests more of a guidance role from myself. My goal is to help you become the musician you want to become. I am not a personal trainer and will not bark orders at you as you follow a regime of paradiddles and buzz rolls. My job is to help you reach your goals and expand your musical horizons.

What does a typical coaching session look like?:
A coaching sessions will begin with a chat. What have you been practicing this week? What new music have you discovered? Is there anything that has been holding you back?

Lessons will be more conversational than practical. Technological limitations make teaching drums online very difficult. Generally I will ask pupils to pre-record themselves playing for me to listen to in the lesson. Afterwards I will send youtube links and reading material rather than demonstrate live over Zoom.

Of course we will have to look into technique, but I like to approach things far more holistically. We’ll discuss how you’re keeping yourself fit to avoid injury and be more alert whilst practicing. We’ll listen to great drummers, young and old, and develop the tools to pick out what it is that makes these drummers stand out. We can talk about handling the stress/excitement of playing live (pandemic allowing), or how to communicate with other musicians (who play actual notes *gasp*).

I’ll send you away with some goals/exercises for the week/fortnight and some new music to check out.

Lessons are held over Zoom. They are £34/hr or £18/30mins.

What levels do you teach and what styles of music?:
In my opinion, nothing can replace a good technical foundation with a teacher in person. As much of the lesson will be explained aurally, pupils will need to already have a good understanding of the instrument. For example, it is very hard to explain how to build a drum kit to a complete beginner over Zoom. As a general rule of thumb I tend to coach from Grade 5 onwards.

I specialised in Jazz at university but grew up with a family of very diverse musical tastes. After my studies, my interests took me towards Rock/Funk and Pop drumming. I spent the years that followed dissecting those styles of playing with the same attention to detail and vigour that I did with Jazz at university. Consequently I can help with pretty much any contemporary style of music you may wish to develop (unless you have a particular interest in Appalachian Kettle Bashing).

Sounds great! How do I get in touch?:
Please provide a phone number for me to call you back on.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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