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Summer and stuff

Hi there! Just got back from a crazy week of gigs followed by a trip to Berlin! Thought I’d put this up here. A while back I did a session for Rosie Tee who’d been writing some cool music merging pop and classical genres. The album is coming out soon, but in the meantime she gave Brum Radio a sneak peak of the first single off the album. Also be sure to check out my Live Dates which I have just updated with lots of new and exciting  gigs.

The interview with her and the track is around the 12 minute mark:

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John Lawbruary (February)


Things are starting to pick up again after eating my bodyweight in cheese over the festive season. Got some really exciting gigs coming up with John Law. Two different bands playing very different material. Dates are as follows:

Thursday 9th February: John Law (Standards Quartet), Futures Inn, Bristol, 8:30pm Info

Sunday 12th February: John Law (Standards Trio), VENUE TBC, Bournemouth

Wednesday 15th February: John Law’s New Congregation, 606 Jazz Club, London Venue

Thursday 16th February: John Law’s New Congregation, The George Inn, Norton St Phillip, TIME TBC, Venue

Thursday 17th February: John Law’s New Congregation, The Be-Bop Club, Bristol, 8.30pm, Venue

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A short word on Institutes


I wasn’t sure about whether to mention this on this website or not. Often when a band member departs there will be some sort of announcement to inform fans. However, that’s for huge bands with gigantic followings. Institutes, although I hope someday will gain the recognition it deserves, is still a relatively small-scale operation. So I’m not writing this to “our fans”. This isn’t even for the small handful of people who follow what I do as a drummer (whom I’d imagine are indifferent to my departure from the band). This is for Gareth, Lucy, Sam, Chris and Jody.

I’m not going to give the story of how I joined Institutes, or a load of fun anecdotes about rehearsals. They are fond memories but they’re only really relevant to me. Nor is this going to be a particularly long piece. I simply want to say a heartfelt thank you. Thank you for the past two years. Institutes has made me the drummer I am today and will inform the formation of the drummer I am to become in the future. The confidence gained has both benefitted my career and life outside of drumming massively. The feeling I got after a gig with Institutes can only be likened to those classic underdog victories in Hollywood films. Gareth, Lucy, Sam, Chris and Jody, you made me feel ten foot tall, thank you again, I love you all.


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I do go to gigs too!

For once I’m not going to post up here about something I’m doing. Instead, here’s something I’m really excited about! DONNY MCCASLIN’s QUARTET IS COMING TO THE UK! I’ve heard bootlegs of this band playing in New York and have been waiting for a long time for them to come to the uk. They are MEGA!!! Details here!DonnyMcCaslinPhoto1.jpg

I will also say that I have a couple of new gigs up for September:

Wednesday 14th September: Catherine Sykes, Redesdale Hall, Moreton in Marsh 8.00pm Info

Wednesday 21st September: Miles Davis Tribute (Tom Green – Trombone, Nick Dewhurst – Trumpet, Tom Moore – Bass, Billy Weir – Drums), George IV, Lichfield 8.00pm Info

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Recording With Dom Frank’s Stayhorn

Just got back from recording some new material with Dom Frank’s Strayhorn. No idea when it will be available to listen to but I’ll post it up here when it is. It featured Alex Steele and John Law on Piano, James Agg on Bass and of course Dom Franks on Saxophones. We recorded it at Fieldgate Studios near Cardiff. One of the best studios I’ve ever been to. Below is a picture of us on the second morning of recording.


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Review from St Ives + Record Store Day


We (Ferris/Lee/Weir) have just got back from Cornwall. We were down there to play St Ives Jazz Club. We managed to get down there the day before to soak up our surroundings (see picture above). What a beautiful place and what a great jazz club. We had a wonderful time and received this lovely review from Tony Brown who runs the club:

“I love this kind of grooving, funky organ trio music, and last night Ferris/Lee/Weir took it to new heights of originality, creativity, imagination, feel and chops. We had a full house and I think we all counted ourselves lucky to be in on the act” – Tony Brown, St Ives Jazz Club

We drove back the next morning so I could be back in time for a gig in Birmingham with Josh Schofield’s quartet. Next up is Record Store Day with Institutes or, as it shall now be known, “Record Tour Day”. We’re playing three shows in one day (details below)! Hope to see you there!

Record Tour Day 2016

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Institutes Photoshoot/Elliot Samson Recordings


So I was asked not to reveal any of the pictures from our photoshoot the other day. But I took the pictures so sod it! I reckon it looks ok?

In other news. I’ve been recording with the amazing Elliot Samson (check his website out here). Elliot was recently a finalist in BBC Young Jazz Musician Of The Year and his trio is one of my absolute favourites to play in. Here’s the band in action with the great Ben Muirhead on bass.