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Thank You 2018! Roll on 2019!

©Martyn Altilar (Cropped by Billy Weir)

©Martyn Altilar (Cropped by Billy Weir)

I’ve just been looking through my “Live Dates” page, looking back over what has been an amazing year! Often, looking at these dates takes me back to not just the concert, but also the context surrounding that gig. Lots of amazing places, lovely people or life “happenings”. I’d say that having an itinerary like this is one of the perks of being a musician.

As for looking forward. Well there are two albums with John Law in preparation for release next year (hopefully). I’m planning on doing some recording of my own soon. I’ve got various projects on the go as a sideman and this news which I’ve been saving…

I’m very happy to announce I have started playing with The LBJBs a band who I’ve been going to see ever since I moved to Bristol! I’ll describe it as funky funk of the funkiest funk… I’m super excited to have joined the guys and have a chance to get my teeth into all of those amazing Clyde Stubblefield drum parts! We play at the LeftBank in Bristol every Thursday (though occasionally some members won’t be there, myself included). I’ll only put gigs outside of this Thursday residency on the Live Dates page.

So, at the time of writing, here are my live dates for January (check the Live Dates page for any updates):

Wednesday 2nd January: The LBJBs, The Bell Inn, Bath, TIME TBC Info

Sunday 6th January:  John Law (Recreations Quartet), Bath Jazz Weekend, TIME TBC Info

Tuesday 8th January: Ferris / Lee / Weir, The Spotted Dog, Birmingham, 9.00pm Info

Friday 11th January: Stephen Mathers Quartet, Bebop Club, Bristol, Doors 8.30pm Info

Saturday 12th January: The LBJBs, The Old Fire House, Exeter, 10.30pm Info

Friday 18th January: The LBJBs, Hootenanny, Brixton, 9pm Info

Saturday 19th January: Annika Skoogh, Venue TBC, Torquay, TIME TBC

Sunday 20th January: Ruth Royall and The Bristol Sessions, The Social, Bristol, 8.30pm Info

Thursday 24th January: John Law (Recreations Quartet), The Spin, Oxford, 9.00pm Info

Friday 25th January: John Law (Recreations Quartet), Sheffield Jazz, Sheffield, 8.00pm Info

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Stuff is happening…. I promise!


I’m trying to avoid the classic musician trope of a website that hasn’t been updated for months or years. With that in mind, I’ve just updated the Live Dates page. I’ve got a fairly busy November ahead so keep an eye out for if I’m playing near you!

There are some things brewing for the future that I’m looking forward to announcing on here soon. But in the meantime I’ve been really busy being a sideman for various groups. Most recently I was touring with Josh Schofield’s quartet. Here is a review of one of the gigs we did: REVIEW

Speak Soon!


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The Groove Within Us #1

Poster Attempt 1

So if you’re anything to do with me on Facebook you’ll have been spammed to oblivion about this event. But that said I’M VERY EXCITED AND NERVOUS BUT MOSTLY EXCITED about this!

So it’s called The Groove Within Us. It is a discussion/music night. We have a fantastic panel who will be discussing “Transgender Visibility: What aspects of trans life are visible and is that visibility a good thing?”. Then when we’ve all become more informed and educated, we’re going to celebrate with a party led by my new band “The Groove Within Us House Band”. This band features the incredible vocal talents of Ruth Royall.

There’s lots more info HERE

and Tickets are available HERE

Hope to see you there


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India Tour Report

We’re back! And super tired!!!

Wow what an incredible trip, with some fantastic gigs, wonderful people and incredible sights. We played in a multitude of settings from huge festival stages to cosy jazz clubs to someone’s front room! Each venue imposing a new angle to approach John Law’s fantastic music.

As for the country, it is absolutely barmy and incredible! However, before mentioning the wonderful bits, I feel it is important to acknowledge that we saw a very sheltered version of India. Live jazz and access to music education, especially from the west, definitely seems to be the reserve of the rich or at least upper middle class. Though this is also a problem in the UK, it is far more apparent in India. A lot of the restaurants we were playing in cost five times more than your average restaurant. It would have been very easy to go there and live a slightly blinkered existence thinking that everything is wonderful, but for many living there that is far from the truth.

However, we did manage to escape our fancy live music venue bubble and see some fantastic places. I think my two highlights were seeing scaffolders assembling a frame from just bamboo and rope with no harness. It was both incredible to see their balance and acrobatics and petrifying! The other is the Taj Mahal which is the most beautiful building I have ever seen. All of us were lost for words when we arrived in the gardens.

I would like to thank firstly John Law for the opportunity to go there. When John initially proposed the idea I thought he was crazy and that it would never happen. Yet down to his superhuman work ethic I’m now writing this piece having just returned from a tour of India! Secondly I’d like to thank John’s agent Mary James, who put in a hell of a lot of work into making the tour possible. Thanks to James and Ashley who are a hoot to play with and great to hang out with. Also thanks to Arts Council England, PRS Foundation, and the British Council who helped fund the tour.

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Ok so I said I had some big announcements to make, the first of which might be the biggest…. I’M TOURING INDIA!!!!


So John Law is taking his Congregation quartet out there consisting of myself, James Manwairing and Ashley John Long. To say I’m excited is an understatement. The dates are as follows:

09/02/2018 The Quarter, Mumbai

10/02/2018 Pune Jazz Club, Pune

14/02/2018 workshop, Delhi

15/02/2018 workshop, Delhi

16/02/2018 Upstairs, Chandigarh

17/02/2018 Jazz India Circuit Festival (Teamwork Arts), Delhi

18/02/2018 Depot 48, Delhi at 12:00pm

18/02/2018 Piano Man, Delhi at 9:00pm